Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The world's gone mad

I'm having a bad hair day. This really shouldn't surprise me after the way life has been the past few days. Between the broken dryer, the migraine (which, fearless readers, is STILL hanging on) and my own personal "kids gone wild" segment, I shouldn't even bother getting out of bed in the morning.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. (Did you get that? Princess Bride? Eh? Eh?)

I'm not even going to talk about the migraine...let's leave it at, "Holy cow Batman, go away already!"

The dryer. Ah, the dryer. Clothes are still being set out to dry in various parts of the house. My hope is that the fuse that I ordered will be in soon so that I can return to my lazy life of wash, dry, repeat.

The girls. Oh my, the girls. I'll be brief so as not to cause you unnecessary grief. My Little Bit went right off the deep end yesterday. I'm still not sure what happened. One minute I was asking her to go to the table to do her homework as opposed to doing it on my bed. The next minute she was in her room screaming at me, "Why can't you just go away?" According to her rant, she can't "take" it here, nobody listens to her and that she was afraid of me. Hmm. Now, I tried to take this all in stride but I have to admit that hearing the statements she was making was very upsetting. It sucked. Ultimately, she settled down and admitted that there wasn't alot of truth in what she said, but it still sucked.

Then, this morning, I was fed a line that I haven't heard for awhile (thankfully). Some time ago, Zippy came home from school and said that her p.e. clothes and shoes had been stolen. After questioning her further, I discovered several problems with this story:
  1. Her p.e. stuff was in a locker
  2. The locker was locked
  3. It was not her locker
  4. She thinks I'm an idiot
Seriously? This is the scenario she gave me. Her stuff was in her friend's locker (Why? Who knows. She's 12). The locker was absolutely locked and no one but the two of them had the combination. The stuff was there on Friday, gone on Monday. Someone obviously was able to access the locker by magic and taken her things.That's right folks, my 4.0 GATE student. Isn't she fabulous.

Here's my problem with her story. It's full of shit.

Anyway, I made her buy her own p.e. clothes again and since she didn't have any money left for tennis shoes, she has been wearing the same converse-like shoes to school (every day. yes, this is annoying) and also for p.e. They now have a hole in them. This morning when I dropped them off at school, I happened to park in a spot that had a puddle in it. Naturally, she has a comment about it. My reply? "If you wear your boots, it wouldn't be a problem." "But I can't wear them for p.e." "So, bring your other shoes for p.e." "But, I don't have a p.e. bag" (this was "stolen" too. don't even get me started) "And who's fault is that?" "MOM! My stuff was STOLEN!!!" *slams the door and stomps away, giving me a nasty look over her shoulder*

Well, that was fun.


  1. Ringmaster, I'm wondering if it's a full moon between the migraine, the dryer, your hair, Zippy and LittleBit...

    I seem to remember acting that way as a times....sometimes the world is too much.

    Have some wine...make some a novel...

    Love you.

  2. I agree with Weltha.... have some wine, stash the kids in their room, read a novel and make some decadent dessert that you shouldn't really be eating! Sometimes kids just blow and you are on the receiving end. And sometimes they think we don't understand when we actually do. Hang in there, hopefully things will get better.

  3. You're a good mama. I agree with Weltha, sometimes the world is just too much.

    P.E. clothes, why must Zippy make it so complicated? Put them in your own locker, don't give out the combo to ANYONE.

  4. And one more thing, I say you deserve a foot massage. Tell your hubby I said so. xoxo


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