Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, the humanity

I was completely traumatized today. Seriously, I think I might need therapy. Stop laughing, this is really serious! I heard the statement I've been dreading for many, many years. Are you ready?

"Mom, can I date?"

This is no bueno. No bueno at all. I know that she has been noticing boys for awhile now and they have been noticing her as well. How do I know this? Because I make a point of being on her school campus often. I want those boys to know my face and know who exactly belongs to me. In fact, just the other day I made a point of noticing a boy noticing my daughter. Who knew teenage boys could move so fast?

Anyway, back to my trauma. I was innocently doing my grocery shopping and wham! out of nowhere Zippy asks if I think she's old enough to date. Eh? Who's Zippy? Well, that's my daughter. What's that? No, of course that's not her real name. I don't divulge real names because there are alot of whackadoos out there (you know who you are). Moving on. You should be so proud of me. I didn't start wailing like a crazy woman or start telling her all the bad germs and cooties that boys have. No. I took a deep breath and asked her some very reasonable questions.

"Do YOU think you're old enough to date." "Yes Mom"
"What do YOU think dating is?" "MOM!"
"Well, what do you think it is" "Well, sitting together and maybe holding hands" *blushing*
"What if he tries to kiss you?" "EWWWWW!" *screws up her face in disgust*

I told her that I had to think about it and talk to her dad. I'm a little encouraged by the fact that she thinks kissing is gross. I know that those feelings won't last though. Dammit. 

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  1. Oh dear.... I am so not looking forward to that age. Ack!


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