Monday, January 10, 2011

Dryers and duress

I have a migraine and my dryer broke...but not in that order. First things first. I was washing my bed comforter the other day and put it into the dryer. Apparently, my dryer no longer has any love for me or my sense of cleanliness because midway through the drying cycle it stopped working. That's it, no dramatics, no great explosion. It just stopped. I have to admit, I was little disappointed with this whole thing, and not for reasons you may imagine.

I was disappointed because I am of the opinion that if you are going to break, do it with gusto! Don't just fizzle out and cease to work, explode! Smoke! Come on, have a little pride in your work (or in your non-work, as the case may be). Secondly, my disappointment came a few days later when The Mr., being tremendously handy, discovered that the dryer had only blown a fuse and was a very easy fix. I was kind of looking forward to being able to buy a new dryer. Not that I have any money and not that the dryer has EVER given me trouble, even after 15 years. In my mind, I was already prancing through Sears while scattering rose petals and shimmering slightly in the glorious rays of the fluorescent lighting.

This was not to be. We found the fuse online and ordered it. In the meantime, I have gained a new appreciation for the women that did laundry when there were no dryers to be had. My house currently looks like a washroom (no, Marisa, I haven't taken pictures yet...but the week is young!). I have discovered the warmest places in the house and lay my laundry over whatever surfaces I can find.

It's quite exciting actually, The Mr. and I were placing bets last night as to whether a certain piece of laundry would, in fact, dry overnight. I won.

Onward...The Migraine. I have suffered from them since my teens but have noticed an increase in their severity over the last 10 years or so. As I currently don't have insurance, therefore a doctor, I don't have either a professional diagnosis or medication. Normally, if I can get to sleep they don't last through the night. My buddy right now is hanging on for dear life. It really sucks.

That is all.

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  1. Sorry you have migraines, that must really suck. I lived with chronic pain for 10+ years. I know there's a gazillion different reasons why and how to treat migraines. My cousin cut out gluten, that seem to do the trick. Did I tell you this already? The link below has an article about it.


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