Sunday, January 16, 2011

Doesn't everyone?

I have quirks. Do you have quirks? Doesn't everyone have quirks? Let's all have quirks!

I wish I could have a brand new pillow. Every. Single. Day.

I wish I could have sheets that have been freshly washed with bleach on my bed. Every night.

I wish everything in my house was able to be color coded or alphabetized. And stay that way.

I wish I could wipe down every solid surface in my house with a Clorox wipe. Every day.

I wish that every item in the refrigerator could be placed according alphabetically or by purpose.

I wish that the cushions on the couch would not smoosh down from wear. Because when they smoosh, they become different sizes and this is wrong.

And yes, I absolutely know what OCD is...


  1. I wish that I had a self-cleaning catbox. I mean, I know they exist. I just wish I had one. I also wish that there was a way ALWAYS to run all the errands in a stright line--or better yet--all at one location so I didn't have to expend TIME on them that was useless time. IN ADDITION, I wish that the red scarf that I just found matched the red shirt I am wearing but no, they do not match, and putting them together will be wrong and stupid looking. I too wish I could sleep on fresh clean and IRONED sheets every single night. There are people who do this--they are mega-rich and have hired help. I wish the silver did not require as frequent polishing as it does. I have a lot of silver and silver-plated items. This matters to me. I would like a clean washcloth every single day (this is doable--go to WalMart and buy two packs of the cheap white cloths. When necessary, wash and bleach...) I could go on and on and on and you Ringmaster. You be the BOMB.

  2. I wish my catbox would also clean itself, and that I would NEVER smell it.

    I Too wish I could sleep on clean air dried sheets every night.

    I wish that my house would actually stay clean when I clean it.

    I wish the weather would stay between 65 and 80. Not to hot, not to cold....

    I have many quirks too.....

  3. I wish people would be quiet and respectful during movies. Especially when it's a serious movie that most of the clods in the audience think is a Marx Brothers comedy because of one line meant to be comic relief from the tension of the film. I wish people would keep their stupid cell phones PUT AWAY during a movie because the light is like a laser and if they talk on the phone, they might as well start talking to me during the film, it interrupts what's happening that badly. I wish people would spell "congratulations" with a "t" and not a "d" as in "congradulations" and I also wish people would wise up on your and you're, its and it's, to and two and too, and there, their, and they're. And stop using "awesome" as if the word had just been invented rather than being destroyed by Fast Times At Ridgemont High. What else...I also would REALLY like it if no one ever used the construction "he don't" or "she don't" in my presence again. As in, EVER AGAIN. And I'm with you on catbox smell...oh yeah, I would really like it if no one ever looked at me again when I pronounce my first name as if I were speaking Urdu. It's unusual, but it's not hard to spell or pronounce. At all. As in, "at all."


  4. I can no longer go to the movies because people and their rudeness bother me too much.


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