Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stupid should hurt

I wonder, how wrong is it to take enjoyment from the stupidity of others?

For example...

I work at a Junior High School (which, I LOVE! Who would have known?) Anyway, every day is something new, something different, something not..quite..right. I find myself taking unnatural pleasure in the excuses, explanations and often just plain stupidity that Jr. High brings.

I wish I was talking about just the kids.

The other day, I had 2 6th grade boys come to see me. Wait, let's chat a moment about 6th grade boys, shall we? I swear, at the beginning of every school year, we get the biggest bunch of babies arriving on campus. I never realized that 6th grade boys were such patsys! I fully expected the girls to be the ones prone to constant complaining. "I'm on my period", "He broke up with me", "I'm having a bad hair day". No, no. It's the boys.

Readers, I implore you...if you are raising or plan to raise boys, please, PLEASE instill some kind of backbone in them.

Back to my boys. 2 of them came to see me because, "We are having a hard time breathing." (did you notice I said 2? Normally girls are the ones that travel in pairs, right? Yeah, not these kids. The boys travel in pairs. Why? I don't know.)

Being the fairly nice person I am, I ask them why they think they are having a hard time breathing.

Are you ready?

"Because we were in band and our teacher was making us use our instruments." (this was said with straight faces, if you can beleive that)

You would be so proud of me. I didn't laugh or giggle at them in any way. I very calmly told them that they were barking up the wrong tree as I had in fact played the oboe in school for several years. Since the oboe is one of the most difficult woodwind instruments to play, I could personally attest to the fact that they would live to play another day. As soon as the door shut behind them, I laughed and laughed. Even now I'm giggling. Silly boys.

You got to get up pretty early in the morning...  


  1. I'm laughing OUT LOUD at this, Ringmaster...

  2. While teaching when I was pregnant with Lauren, that class thought they broke their ankle ALL the TIME! Some of them would even come to school the next day in crutches. Ha! It only took a day on crutches to realize it sucks to have a "broken" ankle.


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