Monday, January 3, 2011

Piercings and other atrocities

My daughter completely threw me under the bus the other day. But let me start at the beginning...

I've always been the opposite of my mom, coincidentally in some ways, deliberately in others...but you get the point. I color my hair, watch movies with bad words, listen to an array of different music, have tattoos, swear, drink. Hm? What's that? Does this have a point? Right, sorry. *clears throat*

I let my kids do a lot of things that my mom doesn't think are a good idea. Little things, but I get "The Look" from her quite a bit. Anyway, my girls and I were having lunch with my mom the other day and my oldest, who's 12, pipes up with, "My mom is going to color my hair green before I go back to school!" Now, before you gasp with shock, I don't color all her hair...just 2 streaks toward the front in the color of her choice. Last time, the streaks were purple. See? That's not so bad, right?

Before my mom has a chance to recover, let alone respond, the kid goes on with, "And then were going to get my ears pierced again!" Thanks for that, kiddo. My mom looks from her to me and back again, then at the 8 year old who is cracking up at this conversation. Mom says, "Next thing you know, you're going to have your eyebrow pierced and your nose pierced and your cheeks pierced...piercings everywhere!" (Yes, because getting your ears pierced is clearly the "gateway" piercing to becoming one big hole. *rolls eyes*)

And what does my sweet daughter say to that? "Oh never Grandma!" or "Of course not!"? No. Out comes the following response, "I'm not going to get a bunch of piercings Grandma...but I am going to get a couple of tattoos." And then she sits there quite pleased with herself while yours truly gets "The Look".


  1. According to my dad getting a second set of piercings on your ears is the gateway to other piercings...he could be right. I ended up with three in one ear and four in the other. Then I got my tongue pierced. I am back down to one piercing in each ear. I used to tell him, at least it's only piercings, they're not permanent!

  2. My mom got her ears pierced when she turned 60. All my life I heard, "If God wanted you to have holes in your head, He would have put them there." I just figure, if pink hair, and a few piercings are the most rebellious things get, I'm doing pretty good1


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