Monday, October 3, 2011


Words are pretty nifty things, don't you think? I mean, I don't like words like homework, vomit, taxes, cancer...words like that. But on the whole, words are way cool, right?

I was thinking the other day about words that I especially like. Of course, that sort of thinking brings me to a list. Why? I LOVE lists!!

Words I like:

  • Chortle - This just sounds fun, don't you think?
  • Martini - Think of all the ways you can describe this...Shaken, stirred, dirty, dry, olive, no olive!
  • Snafu - Now I wonder, is this really and truly a word? An official word? I really don't care either way, just wondering...
  • Mrs. Nezbit - Okay, okay...I know this is a) two words and b) technically, not really a word at all, but really, is there a cooler sounding name? I think not.
  • Fritter - As in, "He frittered away all his money". Doesn't this sound so much better than "wasted"?
  • Hankering - I would rather have a hankering for something rather than a mere craving. If you're craving something, I imagine a drooling, wild-eyed mess. Whereas, when you have a hankering for something, you could be roping cows and shearing sheep while wishing you had something! This sounds much more exciting.
  • Porcupine - No reason, really...I just like the way it sounds. ;)
Ahh, words...little words, big words, silly words and serious ones.


  1. Some of my favorite words, because I like the way they sound:


    Thank you.

  2. Well, bless your little noodle...those are darn good words!


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