Thursday, October 20, 2011

In which the need for an umbrella is strong

I wonder about people. I wonder if some were deprived of oxygen when they were babies or if they hit their heads one to many times. Seriously, I do, because I've decided that there has to be a reasonable explanation for all the stupidity I see. For instance...

My family was at an amusement park the other weekend. Good times, right? Sure, up until we were almost vomited on.

We had just exited a ride that flips you upside down, several times. Now, this is not a ride that is shrouded in secrecy. Nope, it's out there in plain view for all to see. If you get on the ride, you are going upside down. Period. Not rocket science. So, we were exiting and the exit ramp parallels the landing that you step out onto after you get off the ride, but it's at a lower level. So, you are almost underneath the landing. With me? Good. As we begin to walk down the ramp, I look up and see a boy (maybe 10, 11) leaning over the landing railing. I don't think much of it until I see a long line of drool hanging out of his mouth. Then, I hear his mother (who is standing next to him) shout to someone waiting for them, "He's getting sick, do you have any water?".

Let's pause for a moment.

If your kid is getting sick, do you call for water? Do you have him hang over a railing that overlooks an area where people are walking?

The answer is no. NO.

The correct response should have been to rush him away from everyone and perhaps find a bathroom or possibly a bush. But did this mom do that? Nooooo. She stood by and watched him vomit. Over the railing. Near the people. Awesome.

I really want you to experience what we experienced. So, I drew you a picture. You're welcome.

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