Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rabbit season

What is the world coming to??? Today, I saw:

  • A personalized license plate that read, "SXEGRAN". First of all, I firmly believe that there are very few truly "sexy grandma's". This is not to say that women can't age gracefully and look beautiful at any age but quite frankly, the two words tend to represent the complete opposite of each other. Secondly, I don't care what age you are, if you need a sign claiming you are "sexy", you probably aren't. Period.
  • Two young gentlemen/gangbangers wearing Elmer Fudd hats. I had an intense desire to confront one of them and A) Try to kill the animal that had clearly taken up residence on their heads.    B) Take a picture of them, show it to them so they could see how utterly ridiculous they looked (then, post it to the Internet...I'm not dumb) or C) Ask them if their goal was to make themselves look like complete assholes and thereby less threatening in order to throw their prey off guard. You should be proud, reader...I did none of these things. I settled for laughing hysterically. When I got to my car. And locked the door...Like I said, I'm not dumb.

For your viewing pleasure...

"Shh, be verwy quiet..I'm hunting Wabbits"

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