Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Say what?

Day 5 (of 30ish)

Parenting brings many joys (said with extreme snarkiness). No really, joy is an every day experience! As is confusion, frustration, exasperation and just plain silliness. The girls never cease to amaze me, many of you might remember "The Great Gender Debate" as recorded here. Now, for your reading pleasure, may I present other delightful things that come out of my mouth in response to motherhood.

Things I never thought I would say. Ever.

  • Quit sitting in the garbage can
  • If you plan on calling my daughter anytime soon, you better sit down and read a book this weekend (said to a boy who likes my daughter)
  • Don't lick your sister.
  • Go into the bathroom, turn the water on, take your clothes off, get in the shower, get UNDER the water. Apply soap, rinse it off, turn off the water, get out, dry off, put your clothes back on. (in response to the smarty pants who stood in the shower, fully clothed without the water on. Why, you ask? Because I told her to jump in the shower. awesome.)

And people wonder why my bloggy name is Ringmaster...


  1. Yes, her sister had just emptied the garbage and the next thing I knew, all I could see of her was her head, shoulders and legs sticking straight up in the air. Good times. :)


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