Friday, May 13, 2011

We all scream...

Is it just me or does the ice cream truck creep you out? The music reminds me of something the witch in the gingerbread house would play or the truck that snatched kids away in the night from a movie that I can't for the life of me remember the title of.

I can imagine the truck creeping down the street blaring out the warbling sound of a slightly unsettling nursery rhyme with the Mom from Flowers in the Attic behind the wheel ready to hold children hostage in the attic and slowly poison them all for the sake of a little cash and a roll in the hay.

Does anyone find the idea of the ice cream truck just that much disturbing? I mean, come're buying FOOD from a stranger. Not only is he a stranger, but he's a stranger luring your kid to his scary child molester van with sweets. What, so we tell the kids never to accept food from strangers except the greasy weirdo behind the wheel of a rolling Kid Snatcher? "Don't even worry about him kids, I'm sure he's a very nice man who just happens to get his kicks from enticing your sweet little faces as close as possible to the open door of his van while playing Disney music and waving ice cream around. I'm sure he's juuussst fine."

Oh, and the prices suck too.


  1. Yes, ice cream trucks are creepy. The people who drive them are usually creepy. But, don't we purchase food from strangers at the grocery store? They're usually not creepy, but strangers just the same.

  2. BTW, when I post comments on here I have to type in some secret word, which makes me think I'm cussing in a foreign language. I keep thinking I should write them down but I have yet to do so.

  3. coaterch

    see what I mean? Okay, I'll stop now before you ban me from making more comments. xoxo


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