Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Riddle me this

Day 3 (of 30ish)

Things that baffle me

Fashion trends I just don't understand:

Skinny jeans for boys. Really? I wonder if that could make you all look any more awkward than you already do?

Super low slung jeans. Personally, I believe there's a problem when the distance from crotch to button is 2 inches. I live in fear I'm going to see things I shouldn't. Cover your goods, girls!

Really big, curly hair on boys. This is wrong. It was wrong when Afro's were the thing and it's wrong now.

The "Comb-Over" for girls. Have you seen this? Teenage girls that start their part above the ear and sweep it up and over their head? WTF is this??? Save the comb-over for when you're old.

Big Ass Urkel glasses. Or for you younger whipper-snappers, Napoleon Dynamite glasses. The girls are wearing these and I cannot fathom what would possess them to do so. They look retarded and they make you look retarded.

Maybe I'm aging myself and I fully understand the whole concept of fashion trends but come on, some things just shouldn't be tolerated. Stop this weirdy shit at once!


  1. I think we are getting old. I think these things are wrong too...but then I think, oh well, I'm sure "older" people didn't like the way I did my bangs back in the day.

    What are you going to do when your girls start wearing their hair a way you think is weird?

  2. Little Bit tried the whole Comb-Over stuff...i was not a nice mom and told her it looked ridiculous.

  3. In my defense, her hair covered as much of her face as it did her forehead. It looked like her hair was hungry and her face was on the menu. bwah ha ha ha ha


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