Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lights out

I ate too much for dinner and am pretty sure that if I lay down now,  I will never get up. I mean never, folks. I rarely overeat (this would hard to believe if you could see me but truly, I have bigger issues with snacking than all out overeating but this is not at all the moving on) but tonight was an exception and let me tell you, it's no bueno. No bueno.

So, here I am blogging.

It's been storming here today and it got me thinking about electrical failure. Then I got to thinking about times or places that an electrical failure would be unfortunate. So, thanks to my dinner, may I present for your reading pleasure.

  1. While getting a tattoo. Talk about unfortunate. "So, I see you have a 1/2 tattoo. New trend? Statement? Well done you, bucking tradition! Defying the norm! What an inspiration!" "No, no. Power failure."....."Well, that's lame, isn't it?"
  2. While sitting in the movies. Unless you are there with your sweetheart and the kids are with grandma and you have no dinner reservations and the theater is practically empty. Eh? What's that? When's my anniversary? Umm. Tomorrow. 
  3. In an elevator. I can't even comment on this one. 
  4. While taking an online class exam. Because I don't have enough to worry about.
  5. Anywhere, doing anything in the airport. As if airports aren't already a pain in the ass enough.
  6. The subway. Granted, the closest I've been to the subway involved choosing my bread, toppings and drink but I can't imagine that being underground with a bunch of strangers (some of who probably don't use deodorant) is not my idea of a good time.
  7. In the shower ready to rinse off. I think I might start taking speed showers. Just in case. 
  8. On a ski lift. Hanging 30 feet above the ground with nothing holding you there.
  9. On a roller coaster. Now this could actually happen to me as I am an avid coaster rider. However, I choose to believe that since I am in fact, a superhero, I am impervious to situations like this. 

I'm sure there are more, but my dinner has settled now and my bed is calling to me. That and the Mr. is snoring on the couch and it's driving me absolutely crazy.  

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