Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have officially experienced the epic waste of government money. Remember that I was serving on a jury last week? We're done now and I can give you the scoop. We sat in a court room from 10 to 4 for four days listening to attorneys... Objection! Can we have a sidebar? Can we have a 5 minute recess so I can get some water? Would you please just answer the question? And so on and so on... What was the big hulabaloo? This guy took a bunch of muscle relaxers, got behind the wheel, drove recklessly, got pulled over, failed 5 out of 6 field sobriety tests, admitted to taking prescription drugs and was arrested. In 2009. Because he pled not guilty, our job was to determine whether he was driving while under the influence of a drug. Did I mention that the night he was arrested, he had a blood draw which later revealed the presence of both the drugs he admitted to taking that night? I cannot express to you the utter stupidity that was this trial. The guy was clearly impaired, admitted to the drugs and his blood test ratted him out. Needless to say, we deliberated less than an hour and returned a guilty verdict.

Because of this amazing journey, I missed 4 days of work, paid $8 a day for parking, $7 a day for lunch and close to $40 total for gas. I figure that when all was said and done, I actually paid out of pocket to be a juror.

Tax dollars at work, folks!

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  1. Really!!? If he is admitting to doing all the things he did, why would he not admit to being guilty! Sheesh.


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