Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yooh miGht nt fel gud afTer u red ths

Gud mrNing frnds! How R u? AlL gud hear, jst blogin sum sTuff!

Now that I've caused my spell check to have a seizure, can you read that? Does it make you want to scratch your eyeballs right out of your head? I typed it out and I still can't believe it. This, my friends, is how a lot of people communicate write type pound random letters on the keyboard and hope it comes out looking like a word. Now, don't get me wrong...I can use "text speech" as well as the next idiot person... gtfo lol whatev. See? But really, I only do it in my mind or when I'm typing really, really fast in an online gaming environment. It's just another form of shorthand. But when I'm actually trying to interact with people, I spell correctly, use proper grammar and never hesitate to liberally sprinkle my writing with commas and periods. And by interact, I mean trying to present myself as an Educated Fuck, as compared to an Uneducated Fuck.

I just feel that if you look or "sound" stupid when you engage in online conversations, people are going to assume that you are, in fact, stupid. Maybe I'm just crazy.

May I present, the best inadvertent ad for education I've ever seen.

Disclaimer: No Facebook friends were harmed in the making of this post. But The Blogger was. Seriously, after reading this, The Blogger felt ill.

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