Monday, January 16, 2012

Social idiots

I went to Costco the other day and was reminded that people are not only rude but sometimes just downright ignorant. Now, this is not news to me and I'm sure it's not news to you but don't you find that there are times when this behavior just completely takes you by surprise?? No? Hmm, I guess it's just me.


Some things I pondered that day:

I am guilty of leaving my shopping cart in the parking lot from time to time. However, when I leave it in the parking lot, I always anchor it in one of those little "green spots", you know...with a tree or a bush. My trip to Costco treated me to a man who was unloading his HUGE cart. Not one of those regular carts, but one of those flatbed things. As I watched, he unloaded his large purchases and then very casually turned his flatbed around and parked it behind the car parked next to him. I momentarily hoped that this was just a resting place for the flatbed on its way to the ever amazing Cart Corral. How silly of me. This man proceeded to hop right on up into his Cadillac Escalade and drive away. Loser.

Are we just that lazy and unthinking as a society that we have no qualms about thumbing our noses at the people around us? Really?? The guy wasn't old or herding large quantities of kids or in a wheelchair or missing any limbs. Would it have KILLED him to walk over 2 parking rows and stow his flatbed? What an idiot.

The second offense involved a man walking into Costco ahead of me.

Let's pause for a moment here.. Have you noticed that both of these offenders were men? This is not to say that men have cornered the market on behaving like asses but I have to say, they were batting 2-0 that day.

Moving on. This man was filthy dirty. Not dirty in a homeless man kind of way or even in a "I was working in the basement of my house and sadly, the place is filthy dirty but I'm trying to rectify that" kind of way. He was just dirty. A dirty white(ish) shirt, dirty jeans and dirty shoes. Now, if I had been across the way at Lowe's, I would have been able to chalk it up to yard work dirt. But this was Costco. Costco isn't the Land of the Working Man! Put on some clean clothes, man!!

I had to go home and have cheesecake in order to recover from this social trauma.


  1. Cheesecake cures all. Especially when washed down with wine. Preferably lots of wind.

  2. And let me say this about that gender known as 'men.' I had a formal dinner party back in November so that a male friend of mine could shine in front of his new sweetie and appear at his very best - you know, well dressed, lovely dinner, MOM'S [mine] BEST CHINA, MOM'S STERLING (and buckets of it. I mean, I had out every damn piece I could...), flowers, MOM'S DAMASK TABLECLOTH WITH MATCHING NAPKINS, and my good crystal. And candles. Lots of candles so we could eat with all the lights out but with enough to view the food. AND I had cooked myself into a lather, complete with 2 desserts, one of which was pumpkin cheesecake. Homemade rolls, 2 versions of a lovely salad because Male Guest doesn't eat beets. Lots of yummy food. And male-type 'friend' proceded to act like a total...[fill in the blank with expletive of your choice] because apparently, he wanted to be elsewhere and alone with new sweetie. Yes, some days, the 'men' (and I am using that term loosely) are battin' 0 for whatever...Please, Ringmaster, other than having ostracized this man from my company and home, what would be the perfect punishment for language which include comments regarding female woo-woos that brought the conversation to a dead halt...and calling the beets (which he was not required to eat) 'nasty' and calling the baba ghanoush dip 'baba gaDOUCH' and generally needling his hostess and being a total t**d. Please, Ringmaster, I long to know....

    1. I have to say that my first response would have been to bitch-slap the jackass. However, I have grown and evolved...somewhat. This is truly a puzzler. I'm suprised that some scathing wit wasn't served up to him, with a side of beets. You haven't gone soft, have you Weltha Jane?


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