Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coffee, school and aliens

I think there's something wrong with my kids.

This morning, they were all ready for school but we still had about 10 minutes before we needed to leave. I decided to use this time wisely and by wisely I mean sitting down with my book and a cup of coffee. Right before I sat down, Zippy went to the front door and said, "Can we leave now?". No, mom needs coffee and her book.

I sat down, opened my book, breathed in the delicious, life-changing elixir of fresh coffee...

"Can we leave NOW?"

Really? I can't sit for 5 minutes and drink my coffee? Come on! It's bad enough they were hassling me but they were hassling me in order to go to school. Early! Who does this??

I never wanted to go to school. I dreamed up all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't have to go to school. But oh no, not my children. My children not only want to go, they want to go early. These same children wanted to leave Disneyland so they could go back to school. Kid. You. Not.


So, the logical conclusion I have arrived at is

a) There's something wrong with them


b) They are, in fact, aliens.

I'm going with "b"


  1. Hey! I just found you because you commented on my blog! Yay! You are funny. You are lucky to be able to avoid football, plus the clothes and shoes of the girl aliens are so charming and delightful, whereas the boy aliens' gear is completely bleah. I know it's petty and superficial, but I loves clothes. They're my weakness. Thanks for finding me and commenting.
    -Kate ( )

  2. I have to agree with you about the clothes, petty as that may be. Personally, I like that I have reason after reason to buy pretty clothes...even though I can't wear them!!


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