Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thoughts on shaving

Day 10 (of 30ish)

Just one more reason having kids is fully awesome!

Little Bit: Mom, why do people shave their legs?
Me: Maybe to make them look and feel nice.
Little Bit: But people don't shave their arms.
Me: Nope.
Little Bit: But they shave their armpits. I wonder why?
Me: Because people don't want to be hairy monkeys.
Little Bit: I guess so.

*a very long pause*

Little Bit: People don't shave their butts either.
Me: Uh.....
Little Bit: I guess most people don't need to shave their butts because their butts are naked.
Me: That would sure explain it.


  1. Tell lil bit Auntie indeed shaves her arms. Not because I'm a hairy monkey, but because I have tattoos I want to show off effortlessly and I like to be silky smooth. It helps me perform my ninja moves without being heard. ;)
    So she hasn't asked to start shaving? WHEW! I thought that was were it was going! Don't grow up lil bit!

  2. I never noticed that your arms were silky smooth! I'm going to have to make an extra effort to notice your ninja ready guns next time!!


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