Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In which parents do the stupidest things

My 10 year old came home yesterday talking about the election. They voted in their classroom and talked about the election process. Good stuff.


She also reported that she heard the following:

Some kids said they didn't want Mitt Romney to win because he is LDS. Because he is LDS, if elected, he might "do" one or more (Please note that I have added my very own commentary. You're welcome):

  • Ban all coffee and caffeinated drinks. Because you know, caffeine is such a hot button issue and presidents are SUPER concerned with what you drink.
  • Ban the wearing of tank tops. This one was my favorite. Every president that has ever been in office has been asked the question, "Women wear too many tank tops, how are you going to use your term in office to solve this heinous and rampant crime?"
I was actually too stunned to speak after hearing this blatant ignorance. Really people? You're just that stupid to be teaching your kids this kind of idiocy? Now, don't try to say, "Kids say the darndest things!" and give a little sheepish shrug (you know who you are). You and I both know that ignorance doesn't fall far from the tree. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan or either candidate. In fact, I've never voted in an election where I actually liked a candidate, I always feel that I'm choosing the lesser of several evils. But seriously folks. How about this...if you don't have something smart to say or at the very least, something not poisoned with bigotry that makes you sound like a complete ass, shut your fucking mouth. You are teaching future voters and if you insist on breeding stupidity and ignorance, don't be surprised when they spew stupidity and ignorance at the polls. And the last time checked, there's no cure for stupid.

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